Security And Surveillance

Keep your workplace protected with a Security and Surveillance system...

Let Imagine Audio Video help design and install the right system for your office. We are committed to delivering the right wiring and alarm system solutions to fulfill your business requirements. Whether you’re on-site or remotely, our surveillance camera setups enable seamless workplace monitoring. Harness the power of technology to view your workplace from anywhere through the internet, iPad, or mobile device. Additionally, you can maintain timely access to recordings through a digital video recorder (DVR).

Remote Camera Surveillance

Remote Tablet and Smartphone access

Empower yourself with control over your surveillance system through the Wirepath surveillance and smartphone apps. Regardless of your location, whether you wish to monitor multiple cameras or focus on a single one, it’s as easy as a click or swipe. Our advanced DVR recording system offers the flexibility to search by time, motion, or alarm event, ensuring you find what you need quickly. Plus, with the ability to manage your streaming resolution, you can enjoy crystal-clear HD images over WiFi without consuming your data plan.

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Brands We Support

We carry brands that are current with today’s technologies and integrate seamlessly to produce a complete home system.

Take Control of Your Security

Experience peace of mind with our Security and Surveillance solutions. Monitor your workplace remotely, manage access, and enhance safety with Imagine Audio Video. Get started today – call (480) 497-6734 for a free product demonstration!